Our Story

ONCE UPON A TIME... The Cher-Make story starts with Emil Chermak and a bunch of great old world sausage recipes. In 1928, Emil decided it was time to share these great recipes with neighbors in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. "I used to walk and hand deliver to nearby homes with my wagon," recalls Art Chermak, Emil's son and second generation owner. Cher-Make Sausage Company fame and quality standards led to quick growth, and success led to the building of a plant in the 1930's.

By 1950, Art entered a partnership with family member Merlyn Hoefner, and the Cher-Make brand grew even more. Art went on to be named to the Wisconsin Meat Packers Hall-Of-Fame. Today, Art's son Tom Chermak, along with Merlyn's son Chuck Hoefner help lead in the continuation of the family sausage making tradition... high quality products produced by a high quality workforce.

This was the first time I purchased your product. I bought 2 packages of your Homegame fully cooked bratwurst. They were great! We roasted them over our campfire and they tasted wonderful! I plan to try more of your products in the future. I am always glad to support great WI products. Keep up the good work! - Jane Masters

Congratulations on the wonderful "easy to open" packaging on your ring bologna. What a treat to easily open your product. Thank you. - Janet Augustine

My son Dave lives in Long Beach, CA and I always take Cher-Make beef summer sausage and hotdogs (per his request) in my suitcase when I visit. It's the only type he (and 4 yr old granddaughter) likes. Do you ship directly from your factory? She turns 4 next week, she wants a desk and summer sausage for her birthday from Grandma. - Susan Luebke

Every time I visit my parents in Wisconsin I bring home a suitcase full of Summer Sausage, and I make them bring as many sausages as they can fit every time they come visit me. Unfortunately I'm down to my last sausage right now, and I'm months away from another visit. My little girls are going to be so sad without their sausage sandwiches for lunch, and we just can't get anything good out here in California. Keep up the good work, and let me know if you can help us out! - Dave Luebke

Had your low fat, low calorie Chicken Brats last nite for the first time. They were excellent! - Ken Hartenian

We live too far from home to get the good stuff locally. We would like to buy online in 50-100# lots. Maybe larger. Please save us from the inferior products that proliferate the grocery store counters. We need our Cher-Make sausage. - Phil Brantley

Just to let you know we enjoy your natural casing hot dogs and polish sausage, might be the best we've ever had - KEEP IT COMING! - Robert Christensen